WFP Fundraising event 2011

WFP Fundraising event 2011

Almost a year ago I remember getting a beautiful thank you later from the Head of the United Nations World Food Programme (UNWFP) for volunteering my time at the UNWFP Fundraising Gala Dinner in March. For a year or so after that we have stayed in touch, mainly because I find Mrs. Faten Hindi of the UNWFP quite a spectacular woman who inspires me to change the world.


I am dedicating this blog post to the WFP, which is the world’s largest humanitarian agency and the UN’s frontline agency for hunger solutions.
In Jordan, The United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) started its operations in the year 1964 with the aim of reducing hunger and alleviating poverty and its 32 projects worth more than 200 million dollar.

The new vision of WFP Jordan CO with the Government is a pure (Strategic Objectives) which comes along with WFP’s current status in a middle income country like Jordan, where no more food-based projects are applicable and we have to raise the funds locally through local donors


In light of that, the UNWFP are organizing a Fundraising Dinner on the 20th of June at the Sheraton Hotel, which aims to gather funds that will go towards the School Feeding program 2011/2012, implemented by the WFP to support the Government in managing the school feeding program in terms of monitoring, evaluation, food handling, storage and advocacy.


Should you wish to attend the event, which I plan on attending and highly encourage that you do too, you will enjoy extraordinary performances by a Dabkeh bank, a documentary film on the WFP and a performance by a singer with a buffet dinner. Tickets are 30 JD’s per person, and each table can seat 10 people, doesn’t sound much if you know you’ll be helping a Jordanian Child get proper nutrition at school now is it?


Thank you for taking the time to read this post, you will be making a difference one day at a time.


Director of Digital Marketing Strategy by Day, Blogger by Night. Mother to my lovely Hana and a food addict.

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