What Social Media Is Not

What Social Media Is Not

To me social media and communicating online goes beyond my Sleepless Blog because I practice social media for a living as a Social Media Strategist for clients, having a full time job in Social Media, sometimes you weird the weirdest things especially coming from people who think that my “9 to 5 is the best, I spend time on Facebook and get paid for it”. Well it is true because I certainly enjoy my job but then again, I do have a list of 5 things of what Social Media isn’t!

Social Media is not FREE! Yes Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Linkedin and many Social Networking Sites don’t require any fees for your business to create an online presence but then again the time and recourses you need to invest are crucial and cost money. You need proper online representation whether inhouse or through an agency.

Social Media is not just for Kids! You may think all the kids out there are on Social Networking Sites to chat, waste time and play games, but so many adults are online too. Their called “Social Networking” for a reason people network among each other sharing useful links, news and even browsing brands online. Looking up a brand on Social Media is just like looking up a brand on Google.

Social Media is not to be ignored! So whether you’re online on Social Platforms or not, people are talking about you, so you might as well be part of the conversation. Subscribe to RSS feeds, check out blogs, and communities when people are talking about your brand and jump into the conversation, this is what it’s all about.

Social Media is not only about having pages online! If you think creating a twitter channel, Facebook page/group and a linkedin profile is what defines your social media presence, think again. When you first started your business you set a mission and a vision for your brand, social media is similar, you need to set goals on how you’d like to be perceived online, the guidelines of the communications you want to use and set a strategy that aligns with your goals and objectives to succeed.

Last but not least, Social Media does not promise immediate results! Patience is required when building an online community for your brand. It’s also not about quantity, its about quality. What difference doesn’t it make if you have 100,000 fans on your page and only 200 that communicate and share their thoughts with you?


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  1. You’re absolutely true on everything you said. Just shows how a real pro would come to think of these amazing new frontiers

    Awesome post!

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