and so winter has arrived

and so winter has arrived

It’s quite simple, winter is here. But knowing me and the amount of words I am fully capable of blurting out, it’s only fair that this blogpost doesn’t end at winter is Here! See what most people don’t know about me is the fact that I actually hate winter. I don’t mind a few drops of rain, but all of sudden, it had gotten foggy, cloudy, pouring rain, and freeeeeeeeezing cold.

According to the Jordan Times, this cold weather is supposed to ease off on Tuesday morning, which I am really hoping for. If there is anything I like about winter, and yes believe it or not, I am capable of liking a thing or two, I like staying in and writing. I have been sooooooooooooo busy lately juggling projects here and there, that I had forgotten what it’s like to have an online space for my thoughts. So instead of spending those sleepless nights switching TV Channels and indulging into movies, I’m actually going to come back and give all of you lovely readers an earful 🙂

As I drove to get groceries this morning I took the picture above. Just looking at it right now gives me the chills. The sky is grey and gloomy, and I just can’t believe that’s how you can kick start your day. So by the time, I got eggs, labaneh, and bread, I rushed back home and locked my self in that is. But not for long as I’m catching a cup of coffee with a friend in about an hour.

For what it’s worth, I just looked outside my window and it the sky looked blue again. Not solid summer blue, but it had a hint to put a smile on my face and got me to typing this post.

Are you loving the clouds the same way I did?


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