Cold Hands, Warm Hearts! Make a difference today.

Cold Hands, Warm Hearts! Make a difference today.

You’ve seen it, you’ve heard it, it has flooded your Facebook feed, twitter, instagram etc… what can I say, our social networks are flooded with rants and complaints about the cold weather, and of course the occasional gloat that we will resume winter timing next week, but take a minute and think of the following please:

While you curl up on your couch with central heating, the AC on heat, or even a gas-heater at home, those are those less privileged who are not lucky to be sheltered by a proper roof, a home enclosed in bricks and proper concrete, there are those who are possibly being sheltered by a worn out blanket, or whatever body heat of their family members snuggling up to each other to keep themselves from freezing to death.


There are also those who will have to stand out in various neighborhood and streets because it’s their duty to protect their country, whether it’s Gendarmeries, Police Officers, Diplomatic Security Officers, etc… they are taken away from the comfort of their families to ensure that you have comfort with yours. So take 10 minutes outside the warmth of your home, and cross the street to greet that officer with a warm cup of tea, and a blanket perhaps? If you can go the extra mile, a cup of soup, and a warm meal then please do!

Sometimes the smallest acts of kindness can make a difference. So why not start today?




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