World Hitchhiker: The Adventure of HarPar in Amman, Jo

World Hitchhiker: The Adventure of HarPar in Amman, Jo

So other than launching today, I managed to do one of those once-in-a-life time things and skype with a hitchhiker that has visited Amman a few weeks ago. It all started when I saw a video that had one of my favorite friends, Little Zee in it, I watched the post on youtube a few days ago and learned that a guy, Harbir Parmar has visited Jordan as a hitchhiker and for the past 48 hours that’s all I could think of, so I called Lil Zu3bi today and I said, hook me up, I gotta talk to this guy, and find out more about his visit to our beloved country.

So over skype, almost an hour ago, I met Harbir online and we started talking. Harbir who is turning 27 this November is from Indian decent, and although he hasn’t been to India in over 20 years now, he can’t wait to visit again. He earned his Bachelors Degree in Civil Engineering from McMaster University and then proceeded in earning his Masters in Business Administration with a marketing minor also from McMaster Uni.

So post graduation he traveled to the United Kingdom to visit his cousin, who owns marketing and public relations firm, because he wanted to bring that advertising agency to North America, and that’s when he met Josh.

Josh Cahill-Wendholt who comes from Mildenau has hitchhiked before and has shared some of his experiences with Harbir and got him interested in traveling the world. At first Harbir wanted to go through Europe, and Josh suggested going through Asia as then the whole world sounded within reach to accomplish their dreams. Its worth to mention that Josh has hitchhiked from Germany to Iran last year and is very experienced when it comes to hitchhiking and couch surfing, and has covered a total of 32,000 kilometers to date.

So back to Harbir, I couldn’t ask but wondering how he had ended up in Amman, Jordan, and it turns out that he was encouraged to visit as he was in Cairo, by his good friend here in Amman Ahmad El-Zubi, and since Cairo is right around the block in Jordan (Yes am a bit Sarcastic but it is next door) he figured he might as well pay a visit.

So coming from Egypt (a third world country) to Jordan, was a refreshing experience, he thinking of Amman as a beautiful city and has managed to see how as a third world county you could see the extravagant side of Amman and the unprivileged part, which is understandable for a third world country, but then again, he says and I quote:

“I believe that Amman has some of the most Beautiful Women in the World.”

So during his visit to Amman he managed to see Jerash and Petra, he was disappointed (as many are) that it is quite costly to visit and admire the beauty of the rose city if you are non Jordanian Citizen but couldn’t help but fall in love with the beauty of Petra and was telling me that he couldn’t wait to post a video of Petra on his youtube channel.

When I asked why Petra? His answer was Indiana Jones. Growing up Indiana Johns was his idol to a certain extent, and one of his favorite Indiana Jones films was “The Last Crusade” where in the last scenes of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade the Treasury of Petra serves as a secret temple lost for hundreds of year.

Harbir’s love for travel makes him want to explore the world, and he can’t wait. He believes that he will challenge stereotypes all over the world and break down the barriers that separate the human race by traveling as a hitchhiker.

I couldn’t agree more actually, because I hate stereotypes and believe it or not although am not in Harbir’s shoes, I could see where he’s going with this. But what didn’t make much sense to me was the hitchhiking part. I mean in North America its very dangerous, but in the Netherlands for example its very popular that they even have signs down the streets with a thumb-up to hint to the public where the good hitch-hiking spots are.

When you hear the word hitch-hiking the term is usually associated by an outlaw trying to cross borders or smuggle illegal materials, but this is not always the issue. As a matter of fact, Devon Smith was listed in Guinness Book of World Records for most cumulative miles hitchhiked (1973 to 1985), over 290,988 mi. He also held the record for hitchhiking all 48 contiguous U.S. states in 33 days during 1957. I believe that Harbir and Josh could break that record, they are both young, enthusiastic and very smart men and will be relying on the concept of couch surfing for traveling the world.

For those of you who don’t know what couch surfing is, its basically a website that is similar to the popular social networking websites like or where members post profiles with photos, testimonials and cute comments about their philosophy in life, but with one key difference. Instead of remaining digital strangers, couch surfers would drop in on your real life, or give you a place to stay and take you on wild rides through their cities and towns.

And if you’re wondering how that could possibly be safe since was wondering the same thing when Habir brought it up, he said it depends on the profile and testimonials, someone with no pictures, reviews or testimonials is not a safe person, the more the likes of a persons profile and recommendations of people, the more likely you should stay with them.

Last but not least when I asked him about Lil Zee since he let him rap on his video of his Visit in Amman, he gave him a big shout out and said he really liked him, he’s just the trouble kind of person that you cannot help but love and adore, or as I called him “Trouble with a Cherry on Top” (Yes I called you that, and yes I can get away with it and you know it Zee)

So it all comes down to one thing, Harbir believes that traveling should not be expensive and you could travel whenever, wherever and have an amazing adventure that fun and more affordable.

Learn more about the World of Hitch Hikers The Adventures of Josh and HarPar by becoming a fan on their facebook page or by vising their website


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