Zain Al Mobadarah

Zain Al Mobadarah

As the year 2013 approached it’s end, Zain Jordan, my telecom operator invited a bunch of tweeps and bloggers to Strikers to enjoy a night of bowling, air hockey, billiard, and networking, while introducing their latest “Z-Competition” which is called زين المبادرة

(C) Zain Jordan

(C) Zain Jordan

The idea behind Zain Al Mobadarah is to encourage the Jordanian Youth between the ages of 18 and 28 to make a difference, lower unemployment, and give back to the community by investing in the best innovation business ideas submitted by applicants, which goes under the umbrella of Zains Corporate Entrepreneurship Responsibility Division.

So if you are an entrepreneur, think you have a kick ass business idea, that requires an investment, go on and read the rest of this blog post, it might be the first step into accomplishing your goals and purpose in life.
The initiative goes across all governorates in the Kingdom and is not limited to the capital Amman, where Zain is currently looking to narrow down their search to the top 20 ideas that aim to changing youth’s lives to the better, as long as it positively reflects an impact on Jordan.

Check out the video below  by Zain explaining briefly what Zain Mobadarah is all about:

Winners will be provided with support through coaching and training to ensure the sustainability of their ideas, and the awarded will be as follows:

• First prize: material support of up to 20 thousand dinars.
• Second prize: material support of up to 10 thousand dinars.
• Third prize: material support to a total of up to 20 thousand dinars, divided by (4 inventions equally up to 5 thousand dinars for each idea).
• Fourth Prize: material support to the ideas of youth in the governorates of up to 18,000 thousand dinars in total and where 12 inventions will each will receive up to 1500 JD

Submit your idea before Feb 16th, this might as well be the first step of accomplishing your New Year Resolutions!

Good luck to all the great minds out there.

Lights Out!

Lara x

(c) Zain Jordan

(c) Zain Jordan

(C) Zain Jordan

(C) Zain Jordan


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